Bovy is not meant to replace your DHI records, or your herd management software.  

We don't want to make you think Bovy is all you need for management.  She's just a convenient tool on your phone, offering simple answers to simple questions.  

Most importantly - you cannot enter data directly into Bovy.  She gets her information from a "BovyHerd" that is created from the data you send us.  Usually, this is a DHI DNL file that you send us.

Bovy is not an analysis program.  While you can get simple counts,  averages, and averages within groups, she can't tell you your preg rates, or estimate future inventory, or handle your sync program, or drug protocols. There are much smarter, much better programs to do those things.

Also, Bovy doesn't have details found in most herd management programs.  While Bovy knows due dates, fresh dates, dry dates, eartags, etc, she doesn't have all the events that occurred for your cow, like each breeding, pregnancy diagnoses, and especially health - Bovy knows the latest SCC for a cow, but has no clue about mastitis.  She doesn't know about ketosis, or retained placentas.  She knows which pen a cow is in, but not when she was moved there, or the pen she used to be in.

So if you are looking for a full blown dairy management program, Bovy is not your solution.  There are many programs out there that can give you those answers.