Bovy, simply put, is an application for your phone that can answer simple questions about your dairy herd.

The difference from other software is that you can ask the questions using your natural language, as if you were asking a person standing next to you. There is no command language, no menus or other things you have to learn.

Just ask !

You can ask about a specific cow, and see the details that Bovy knows about the cow :

  • Cow 1234
  • What is cow 1234 milking ?
  • When is she due ?

And you can ask about a group of cows - pens, or lactation groups - such as "How many cows are in pen 5?" to get the quick count, or "which cows are in Pen 5?" to get a simple list.

Bovy understands basic dairy terms - dry cows, SCC, due dates, pregnant, Holstein, things like that.  So you can use those terms in your questions, for example 

  • Which cows are due this month ?
  • Which cows should be dried off in the next 7 days ?
  • What is my average 305ME ?
  • Which cows in pen 5 are open ?
  • Which cows have an SCC over 5000 ?

You can either click the microphone Icon to ask using your voice, or you can just type in your question.

Bovy comes with a list of sample questions you can ask, to give you a feel of what she can answer.