In order for us to have a place to keep your cow data, Bovy requires an account on the nextCow system that has an email and a password.  If you already have a username and password and are just installing on a new device, you should use that same username and password.

If you haven't run Bovy before, the first time you will need to click the "New User" button and enter :

  1. Your Name.  Bovy uses your name sometimes, so please use your real name.
  2. Your email address.  This is important, and it will become your username.
  3. A password.  Try to remember it !
  4. Your DHI provider.  If you are on a "Partner" DHI that is cooperating with nextCow, they will send your herd data automatically.
  5. Your herdcode.  This is so the DHIs know which herd belongs to you.

The email you use should be your primary email.  When you click the "Register" button, it will send an email confirmation link to make sure you are a real person.  So after you click "Register", jump over to your email and click that link. 

The email arrives immediately.  If you don't see it, check your Junk or Spam folder, as it may have ended up there.  In many email systems you may have to move it out of the spam folder before you can click the link.

 Once you click the confirmation link, you can go back to into Bovy and log in with that email and password.

At this point you are good to go, as far as registration.

Once you successfully log into Bovy, you won't be asked for your email and password anymore.

The final step to get started is to click the Barn button on the main screen, and click the "Update" button to download any BovyHerds.  If you are on a cooperating DHI, they will get a message to start sending your herd data to us.

If you haven't sent any cows yet, you still will have access to the Bovy Demo Dairy so you can play around and see what Bovy can do.

If you are not on a partner DHI, but are on a DHI, you can still get your herd into Bovy.

To learn about this,  Click Here