We are always looking for ideas on how to improve Bovy, and to get a first look at new features before they get published in the App store.

To help with that we have the Bovy Beta test program.  
To be a part of this requires some skills that are a bit more complicated than just installing an app from the store, so it's not for everyone.

To join, drop us an email at info@nextcow.com.

Once you request access to the beta program, you'll receive an invitation email from Microsoft AppCenter.

When you click on the link in the invitation email you are transferred to Appcenter where you need to create an Appcenter account.  It's free.

If you have an IOS device, it is important that you also register your device.  Apple requires device registration.

Once you accept the Appcenter invitation, you also register your device, you will be added to the Bovy beta test program. You'll then soon  receive an email with a link to download and install Bovy.

At this point you can forget about AppCenter, and just watch your email for any Bovy Beta news and updates.
As updates to Bovy become available, you'll get an email with a link to install it and that part's pretty easy.

Again, this process requires some skills to get set up.

If you need more information about AppCenter, here are some links where you can get more understanding of the process.  Warning - it's a little geeky.


 Testing Android Apps

 Testing IOS Apps 


Appcenter testing